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Jacqueline Nicole....A++++++
Jacqueline Nicole was one of my absolute favorite vendors! She is very sweet, personable, and makes you feel very comfortable. She is also very talented and listens
to what you want. She was on time the day of my wedding, and I'm not talking at the door at
10AM on the dot, I'm talking all of her makeup out and ready to go in my kitchen
10AM!! My makeup lasted all night long and I had so many compliments on it! I cannot say enough positive about Jacqueline Nicole, I highly recommend her! (I hate to repeat myself again, but I would
one thousand percent recommend her!!)
Makeup – Jacqueline Nicole (B+)

What can I say that others haven’t. She was great to work with and the day of she arrived on time, finished all the girls on time, and we all loved our makeup. My dog took a particular liking to her!
My best friend used Jacqueline Nicole for her wedding, she is AMAZING...we loved how EVERYONE'S make up came out, and it last all day!!!
 She did my Sister's BP and Mine! She was awesome!
Here are my Sister's and Mom and below is Me! Image Attachment(s):
Day of Makeup – Jacqueline Nicole – A ++++++++++++
I looooove her!!! She is soo sweet .. I knew the firs time I met her that I was goin to book her on the spot and I did. She is soo talented and I felt like I have known her forever. The day of the wedding I felt horrible cause she got stuck in the flood but as soon as she got there she was super officiant and made up for lost time. She is awesome and one of my favorite vendors .. I loooved my makeup!
Jacqueline Nicole and
Lola Loves Make Up .com

The most amazing make-up artists I've ever met!
I kept looking at my bridal party and thinking, "damn, everyone looks so good." They made everyone look so pretty, Jacqueline picked the right colors to make my friend Erin's green eyes really pop, and Andrea made my sister look amazing. I've had experiences when Make Up artists put on too much make up, but this wasn't the case at all. Andrea and Jacqueline Nicole are highly professional, arrived on time and I couldn
Hi ladies, …
Jacqueline Nicole++++++++
Went for my trial with my mom yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! I went first and my mom and I both loved the result. My mom was up next and let me just preface with my mother has been fighting breast cancer for 2 years now and very rarely does she ffeel good about herself. Being 3 weeks into a new Chemo cycle she has been very run-down and all I can say is she looked amazing. We had a full day and were running everywhere yesterday and when we got home I figured she would go right to sleep. But when my dad asked her to go to mass and out to eat she couldn't resist showing off how good she looked. Matt and I stopped by about
7:45 so he could see how good she looked and she was still beaming! She got rave reviews from everyone she saw. She said she was not going to wash her face and sleep sitting up so she could go to chemo looking fabulous this morning!
Sorry so long but I thought you all should know what a wonderful experience we had. Can't wait for her to do my wedding in November. Let me know if you have questions!!  Jen

  Had my trial with Jacqueline Nicole yesterday....booked her on the spot!!! She is sooo great to work with- she was very bubbly, friendly, and of course, talented! Only thing I think we are going to change is the lip color, go with a different pink....also, note to self, don't drink coffee right before a makeup trial, my teeth are icky!!!
Also, did the airbrush foundation...
OMG!!! I am in love!!!! It was soooo light, and made me look are glow-y!!!! I was afraid it would cover my natural freckles, NOT AT ALL!!!
Makeup – Jacqueline Nicole  .... What can I say that others haven’t. She was great to work with and the day of she arrived on time, finished all the girls on time, and we all loved our makeup. My dog took a particular liking to her!
Just wanted to pop in quickly from my makeup trial with Jacqueline Nicole... 
OMG, she is SUCH a doll -- I loved her!!!! Booked on the spot. I will try to post pictures now quickly, but if they are too big I'll futz with it tonight and make sure they get up here!

 Make Up- Jacqueline Nicole....A++++++
Jacqueline Nicole ... was one of my absolute favorite vendors! She is very sweet, personable, and makes you feel very comfortable. She is also very talented and listens

to what you want. She was on time the day of my wedding, and I'm not talking at the door at 10AM on the dot, I'm talking all of her makeup out and ready to go in my kitchen

at 10AM!! My makeup lasted all night long and I had so many compliments on it! I cannot say enough positive about Jacqueline Nicole, I highly recommend her! (I hate to repeat myself again, but I would  one thousand percent recommend her!!)

 my gf had Jacqueline Nicole...  at her wedding...she was AMAZING! from early morning until late night her makeup was freakin flawless!!!!  she looked like a supermodel alllll day

i was so jealous that i didnt have my makeup done by her also!  i am hoping to book her when i finally have my wedding date. i really dont think you will be disappointed with her...and yes my gf cried and the make up stayed...her mom also had makeup done by her and she balllled like a baby and her makeup was perfect too

e: 1-2-10 STINENANDY2010 REVIEW!!! Fox Hollow, Thomas Paul, Vali Entertainment, PWP Florals, Topaz Event Design, Jacqueline Nicole

, Mya & MORE!!!!!!!

 Jacqueline Nicole – Makeup A+ 

I booked JN about a year in advance. I went for my trial and booked up the spot. The selling point for me was that I have a ton of freckles and I always find that when I use a lot of makeup, it tends to look very cakey on my freckles. But I loved the way I looked and the airbrush felt so lightweight. JN showed up on time and ready to work. She did a beautiful job on all my girls and really took her time. She had us cracking up all morning. I did airbrush makeup and it held all day and night. She does great work and I would recommend her.

I'M BACK!!!!!!!! Hey and lots of pics for you!!!!

 Hey Girls!!!!   ... I missed you!!!! Well everything for the most part went great the day of the wedding...the time just flies, I can't believe its over!! Hawaii was amazing, I wrote down a lot of info on that for any hawaii honeymooners coming up that I will post in a review in the upcoming weeks. So here is a brief brief brief review of some of my I said I'll post a review in the upcoming weeks once I get my pro pics back. Jacqueline Nicole - what a sweetheart! she had us cracking up all morning! she did a great job on all the girls!
Jacqueline NicoleA ++++++++++++ and beyond!!   Jacqueline Nicole I can not thank you enough for everything! She was my absolute 100%
favorite vendor , and I have a few favorites and yes she is number 1 even above my hall, and I loved Chateau La Mer and Nick and Jessica-but frankly she even blew them away ! She just went above and beyond in everything.Rest assured that if you book with her that you will look amazing and she is so great to work with !
Going to back when I first got engaged in November 2007, I knew nothing else but that I had to have her do my make-up,(especially since I am an older bride and very self conscious about my wrinkles).I have been to weddings where the brides were gorgeous from across the room.After, when I asked who they used for make-up ,it was always Jacqueline Nicole .I made a mental note of that. She was the first person I contacted and she got back to me right away and was so sweet and professional.
It was still a little early yet and she didn’t have her 2009 schedule yet.She said she would contact me when she did. When her schedule was opened she patiently took the time to answer all my questions.I told her to please just send the contract,that I knew that I wanted to book her –no trial necessary. Her contract and pricing were so fair and I was especially shocked being that so many people add so much money to a service when the word "wedding" comes into it. Not her!
I am truly still shocked at her great prices,especially for her talented work.
I actually didn’t have a trial until March I think(I got married in May).She has this amazing personality and she is just as someone had once described her to me- She’s beautiful inside and out ! She was a pleasure to be around.Professional but fun. My mother and mother in law got trials too and loved her and her work as well.Now ,this is huge because my mom initially before meeting Jacqueline Nicole and seeing her work was going to do her own make-up. She doesn’t like to be fussed over and pampered but my dad and I insisted. She felt and looked so glam and that was so important for me that she felt so good about herself! I loved what she did for me too. I was even more glad that she would be spending my big day with me after we met and I saw her work! She spent hours with us that first day and it was so much fun.
On the day of the wedding she arrived early and set up. In the middle of everything there was a huge problem with my flowers which I wont get into. Jacqueline Nicole
 was an amazing, calming presence. She worked on me ,my mom and mother in-law,and my BFF throughout the chaos. She did an amazing ,amazing job ! There was another issue with my hair too and by the time I realized it wasn’t what I wanted and after the floral nonsense,there was no time to fix my hair. As I was leaving for the church and throughout the entire day my hair fell and became very straight and frizzy. Jacqueline Nicole  was my saving grace because everyone kept complimenting me on my make-up.After the wedding when I mention how upset I was by my hair ,people keep telling me that they didn’t notice ,and everyone says the same thing-how my make-up looked Amazing !! My mother and mother-in law and BFF kept getting compliments too.I feel like had it not been for her I wouldn’t like the way I looked in my pictures,but because of the way she did my make-up it drew the attention away from my hair.
On another note,during the stress of the flower situation ,I decided to have a beer to take the edge off.This was right as my photographers were starting to take pictures.
Jacqueline Nicole comes over to me in a very professional but cute way and says “Sweetheart,you look so beautiful and classy but you need to put the beer down before you have pictures of you holding your rosary beads in one hand (which I was)and a Coors light in the other(yep,I was doing that too).”
I didn’t even realize that. I had totally forgotten that previously I had also told my photographer do not take any cutesy, posed pictures,if I am drinking a beer I don’t care if it is in the picture,not realizing the situation . –thanks JN or else I would’ve have 50 frames instead of 10 with the “champagne” as my photographers were just doing what I asked,lol-Thank you Jacqueline Nicole for all your beautiful hard work and for being with me and helping me out on my special day!!!!!!
Makeup - Jacqueline Nicole A+. Just the nicest person ever, and she listened to everything I said and did a great job. Loved the airbrush- it stayed all night. She did all of my ladies, and everyone loved her. Again, I could not have picked better. I got a stain on my dress before I even left the house, and she saved the day by getting on her knees in the driveway and fixing it. No joke. Love her.
Jacqueline Nicole (makeup for bpics) I love her, she is just such a sweetheart. She took about 90mins to do my makeup. She never rushed and really took a lot of pride in what she does.  Same thing with Jacqueline Nicole who did my makeup! That girl is hysterical!!! and well, I don't have to tell you guys how talented she is, because we all know it already! We all had a BLAST!

Jacqueline Nicole A+++++++++++++++++++Absolutely amazing. She did all of our makeup and then touched us all up before leaving. I didn't even have a trial and she got my makeup exactly right. And her prices were phenomenal. She was so easy to reach by email and just a joy to work with.
Jacqueline Nicole A+Sweet as pie! She did all of my girls makeup and it was flawless. We all got airbrush and it was so light and stayed on until the next day! Excellent and highly recommended.
RAVE!! MAKE UP ARTIST Jacqueline Nicole!! Update to the 2008 Hair and Makeup Massacre.

Okay, this is the third time I have tried to write this. The first two were so good, and now I've lost patience. But I have to write it again.


Some of you may remember my story of a recent hair and makeup hackjob I experienced. It was so bad I'm suffering a bit of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Someone came at me with a brush in their hand over Christmas, and I dove under the couch and wouldn't come out until I was coaxed with ham. It was horrible.


Anyway, when I posted, I got a lot of suggestions, and a few of you recommended Jacqueline Nicole. I gave her a call, and she called me back right away. Thankfully, she was available for my day.


First of all, I was late due to some day-before-christmas-gridlock-I'm going to kill someone-traffic. I called her from the road, and she couldn't have been nicer. My appt was at 5pm the day before christmas eve, and I was her last appointment, and she STILL was totally cool about it.


When I got to her place, I just loved her immediately. She's just one of those rare people who makes you feel like you have known her forever. We laughed the entire time I was there, and I had a great time. Of the legion of vendors I have spoken with during this whole experience, she is far and away the best of all of them. Totally professional, completely friendly, funny, and kind. I'm sure she would have let me stay in her chair for 3 hours if that's what it took to get the look I wanted, but it totally wasn't necessary, because she nailed it right away.


I know nothing about makeup, but it's okay, because she clearly does. I have no idea what she did, but I looked better than I ever have. Just like me, but better. Not shellacked on with a painter's trowel, but natural and glamorous at the same time, if that's possible.


The only thing I didn't love was my lip color, and she said that we'd 'play' until it was perfect. And that's just what it was. It was like - fun. And makeup is NOT my idea of fun. I can't explain it- it was just a totally fun bridey experience, and that's EXACTLY what I didn't get the last time. So anyway, she tried another color (red- at my insistence. She told me it wouldn't look right, and she was right. It was heinous. Then she found a third color- all three applications she did like it was the day of- she was so meticulous. The third color was just perfect- and she was just as excited as I was. Then she gave me the lipstick to take with me!


I wish I had my previous posts, because I think they really conveyed how good she was a lot better than this one. I hope it's enough to say that Jacqueline Nicole is exactly what I was looking for- a warm, kind and funny person who is incredibly skilled at her craft and who took her time to make everything perfect. I look forward to having her work with me on my wedding day, and I feel completely confident in her abilities. I cannot say enough about her skills. She has wicked makeup skills. <-I'm a loser.


So that's it. Thanks so much to everyone who recommended her to me, and I hope this post helps out someone else who is looking for a makeup artist. I'm so mad I wasted all that money on the first trial, but I guess it was worth it in the end. Check makeup off the list, and I won't have to think about it again until the day of.


Happy planning to everyone, and thanks for your help, ladies!!

 Jacqueline Nicole - A+

In a word...fabulous. She is so nice and just a total pleasure to work with. My make up and all of the girls came out awesome. Everyone looked beautiful. My only regret is I wish I had listened to her about putting on more make up. I was so worried about looking like a street walker that I didn’t really think about needing that to last all day. By the end of the night, my make up had worn off. The moral of the story - listen to the woman! She knows what she’s doing! I highly recommend Jackie.

Make- up

Jacqueline Nicole - A+++++++++++

I went to Jacqueline Nicole for a trial because she had the best trial prices. I didn’t want to pay $100 to have my makeup done to go nowhere! The trial was at her house in Nesconset. Both my mom and I went. My mom doesn’t wear any makeup normally, so she was nervous about having it done, so I thought her having a trial too was a good idea. It just so happened that our cat died the day we were supposed to go…after much thought, we decided to go anyway, and hopefully get our minds off it for a while. We walked in, and Jacqueline Nicole’s cats were right there. Of course, we then had to tell her what had happened and she was wonderful. Such a sweetheart! We were there for a few hours, both getting made up, and we just loved her. She does such incredible work! The day of the wedding, she came to the hotel, and got started right away. We had three stations going at once, Sheila, Theresa, and Jacqueline Nicole. Everyone was having a great time! The best compliment that I can give Jacqueline Nicole, is that one of the bridesmaids had no intention oh having her make up done. She said, “I never like the way they do it, I’d rather do it myself.” I said fine, it was her choice, (and hey, I was paying for that too, so, one less person, was fine by me! Well, as she watched Jacqueline Nicole work…and saw the results on everyone…she started to have second thoughts! She said, “do you think it would be ok if I have mine done too? Everyone looks so perfect!!” So, I was thrilled that she decided to have it done!! Everyone was happy, and looked beautiful. And everyone has such different coloring, and styles, and Jacqueline Nicole listened to exactly what everyone wanted, and did it to a tee!!!

MAKEUP- Jacqueline Nicole  is a sweetheart and an amazing makeup artist. I had a trial done and booked her on the spot. I loved her work and all the colors she used. The day of the wedding, she arrived on time, setup and was ready to begin. I opted for airbrush, which was so light and it didn’t even feel like I was wearing a lot of makeup. I did bring powder cover-up with me (which my cousin told me to bring) just in case my face got a little shiny throughout the day (and it did but I only remembered about the powder halfway through the reception). And I forgot to reapply lipstick after the church (even though I bought lipstick from Jacqueline Nicole e). There was so much going on, I couldn’t remember everything!
Make Up: A+++++++++ Jacqueline Nicole…
OMG another FAVE vendor – so wonderful!!! I love Jackie because she is so sweet, SO talented and very efficient. Again, completely punctual, completely professional and FANTASTIC to be around the morning of your wedding – sooooo calm. She was SO calm that even my Mom and sister were like “wow, this is NOT stressful at all”… at a time where you would think the most stress and running around would occur and we were all chilling and eating bagels! It was the best. Everyone got done SO fast and looked like MODELS. My girls came out so good. I had airbrushed make up application and so did my girls – can I tell you I looked, at the end of the night, like I did when I got out of that make up chair. Both the hair and make up people were also so great b/c they were reasonably priced AND came to the house. Girls, HAVE SOMEONE COME TO THE HOUSE! It makes everything so much nicer and calmer! Also, have the girls come there too – it’s just easier!

Jacqueline Nicole (A+):has to be one of the sweetest vendor I dealt with! she was soo accommodating – especially when it can to trying to schedule a trial with my ridiculous work schedule! I was actually having a tough time when it came to wedding day make-up because I wanted to look natural and like myself. Jacqueline Nicole understood from the beginning exactly what I was looking for and made me so happy! I booked her on the spot after my trial!

The day of the wedding she was amazing!! She did me, my mom and my girls – everyone looked amazing!!! I was so happy! We had a mini crisis when one of my bridesmaids was 2 hours late and Jacqueline Nicole didn’t sweat it at all and just waited until she got there – that was sooo nice of her!! She wasted her entire morning and afternoon just waiting for my last bridesmaid!! The people around you on the day of your wedding are so important – you don’t want anyone with bad attitudes or stressing you out…this is one make-up vendor you all must use!! Loved her!

Make Up: Jacqueline Nicole. She is so sweet and extremely talented. For my trial she sat and listened to what i wanted, and looked at pictures I had brought as examples. She then proceeded to make me look gorgeous. I did the airbrush and she was able to get my reddish blotchy face to look amazing. The day of my makeup looked amazing, lasted all day and looked incredible in the pictures. She gave me a longwearing lipstick that i threw in my purse and re-applied maybe once the whole day. I got so many compliments from people saying my makeup was perfect, not too much but just enough. She also did my MOH & Mom. My Mom hardly ever wears makeup and was a bit hesitant at first, but Jacqueline Nicole made her look gorgeous. I had people telling me how amazing my Mom looked, and some didn’t even recognize her at first.My MOH(SIL) looked gorgeous too. She was on time and got everyone done with plenty of time to spare. I highly recommend her!!!

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